BTM Text-to-Email

As a Business Text Messaging user, you can receive and reply to texts from your email. When you receive a text (SMS or MMS), a copy of the message will be forwarded to the email address associated with your profile. You can then reply to the message via email or the Messaging Portal and the customer will receive the reply as a text.

Enable/Disable Text-to-Email

You can enable or disable text-to-email in your user profile

  1. Go to Settings > Edit Profile.
  2. Enter the user's email address if they don't have one.
  3. Check "Enable SMS to Email address."
  4. Click [Save].


When enabled, incoming SMS and MMS messages that you can receive will be both posted in the Messaging Portal and forwarded to your email address. The From address is [contact's phone number] and the subject reads "New text message from [phone number]." MMS-compatible attachments will be included in the message, and emojis will render properly if they're compatible with the email provider. 

When you respond to the email, the message is sent back to the recipient via a text message (SMS or MMS). All messages will be documented and stored in the portal within the message thread (conversation) for that contact.


Email responses will include only one paragraph of text. Anything beyond the first paragraph will be removed from the message to ensure chat history and email signatures are not sent to the recipient.


Text-to-Email Example

Incoming text forwarded to email:


Conversation in the Messaging Portal:


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