Update Your E911 Address

The E911 Address registered to your phone number will tell emergency services your precise location in the event you dial 911. It's important to keep this address up to date so they go to the correct location.

Rather than calling Customer Support to update it on your behalf, you can update it yourself in the Voice Portal.


  1. Log in to the Voice Portal.
  2. In the User Info section, click [Edit E911 Address].
    • If you can't click this button, please contact an account administrator for assistance.
  3. On the popup, click Edit to confirm you want to modify the E911 address.
  4. Uncheck Same as CSR Record.
  5. Make any necessary updates to the E911 Record fields, then Save your changes.

The registered address must be the physical address where your device is located and include any additional information (such as a suite, apartment, building, etc.) necessary to identify the caller's location. These supplementary fields are available in the Manual Entry section.


Error: Cannot Modify E911 Address

To make sure emergency services can be dispatched to the correct address, an E911 address that is assigned to multiple numbers cannot be modified by a single user from the Voice Portal. For example, a business may use the same office location for all of their lines. If an employee begins to work from home and wants to change their E911 address, that change would inadvertently affect all other lines.

If you get this error, please contact an account administrator to change your E911 address without affecting other lines.



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