Emergency Calls in the Legacy Cymbus App

 Legacy Cymbus End of Life

The Legacy Cymbus app is being discontinued in favor of the new Cymbus app. If you haven't already, talk to your Service Provider to get it enabled for you. See Switch to the New UC App for details.

Starting January 2022, calls to 911 or other emergency services can be dialed from the Cymbus apps connected to your BCC service. Users must upgrade to the newer versions of the Cymbus app; Desktop version 6.5.2+ and Mobile version 6.6.3+ are required.

Cymbus Desktop

Upon logging in, the Cymbus Desktop app asks you to make sure that the E911 address registered in your Voice Portal is accurate.

  • To update your E911 address, click Yes, then log in to your Voice Portal and update your E911 address.
  • If you don't need to make any changes, click No to close the dialog.



Cymbus Mobile

The Cymbus Mobile app, both on phones and tablets, asks you for the location permission on the device. When emergency calls are made, the Cymbus Mobile app sends your device location as opposed to the E911 address registered in your Voice Portal. Your location will be used only for emergency calls; the app does not otherwise transmit or store your location.

On iPhone and iPad

Tap Allow While Using App. Make sure the Precise location is enabled.


On Android phone and tablet

Tap Show at the bottom, then tap Allow to give the app a permission to use the device location.


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