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Once an auto-attendant has been Launch.png activated, whether or not a phone number has been assigned yet, it can no longer be edited. This is because the Auto-Attendant route builder saves changes in real time, and we don't want you to accidentally break an active call flow, even temporarily. See also: Edit an Auto-Attendant

Sometimes you don't need to make any changes but you do want to see how it's set up. Instead of duplicating the auto-attendant to look at the copy, now you can open it up in AA_View_Only_-_Icon.png View Only mode. View Only allows users to open an auto-attendant that is Active or Live without the risk of making changes to a live call flow.


View Only Mode

Locate the auto-attendant you want to view, and click AA_View_Only_-_Icon.png View Only on the right to open the builder. Whether an auto-attendant is activated with or without a phone number, the functionality is the same:

  • The title bar says (View Only).
  • The ellipses that normally indicate a route can be edited are gone.
  • Users can still view routes, but the settings are greyed out or can otherwise not be edited.
  • Instead of Cancel and Save buttons, the route will have only a Close button.


Here are some examples of what it will look like:


AA_View_Only_-_Group AA_View_Only_-_Reference


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