Navigating the Admin Voice Portal

The Voice Portal is where you can control who can contact you, how they will reach you, and when they can reach you. As an Account Manager or Admin user, you also have access to manage not only your own services but those of other users on the account as well.

Within the Voice Portal, there are five sections: Users, Voicemail, Devices, Auto-Attendant, and Call History. Let's go through it.

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All users on your account are listed here. To edit the settings for a specific user, hover over the user and click Edit on the right.

For each user, there are four tabs that organize the user’s settings:

  • CALLS. View the phone numbers directed to this user, and manage their caller ID, Call Screening and Call Handling settings, which control how incoming calls to this user will be handled.

  • DEVICES. View the devices assigned to the user and devices which the user has a shared line. You can also manage the user's device line configuration and assign features to line keys on their device.

  • SETTINGS. View the user's information login settings, feature plan, and calling plans.

  • VOICEMAIL. Upload voicemail greetings and personal name recordings, view and manage messages saved to the box, and manage the Forward Voicemail to Email settings. 

See User Management for more information.


All devices on the account are listed here. It's an easy way to see all of the devices on the account without having to navigate to each user. For each device, you can manage the line configuration and assign features to the line keys, including Call Park, Device Line, Paging Group, Presence/BLF, Shared Line, and Speed Dial.

See Device Management for more information.


Auto-attendants enable identification, segmentation, and routing of callers to the most appropriate agent within your team. It's a simple, effective, and completely customizable tool which will significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency within any company.

Here, you can see all the auto-attendants on the account, including the assigned phone number(s), last modified date, and status. You can build and keep as many auto-attendants as you need. Changes are saved in real time, so you can start building now and come back to finish it later.

See Auto-Attendant for more information. If you don’t see Auto-Attendant in the menu, please contact Customer Support.


This section houses all of the voicemail boxes set up on the account. The settings here are the same as they are in the Users > Voicemail tab. For each voicemail box, you can upload voicemail greetings, view and manage messages saved to the box, and manage the Forward Voicemail to Email settings.

See Voicemail Management for more information.

Call History

Call History holds the records of all calls made and received on the account. Calls are presented in chronological order with the most recent call at the top. At the top right of the table, the current record list can be downloaded as a CSV file.

See Call History for more information.


Remember to save your changes before closing the window!

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