Making Calls

You can place a voice or video call from almost anywhere in the app. If you know the number, you can place a call from the dialer on the Phone tab. If you don’t know a number, you can place the call from Contacts, History, or from a chat room.

Using the Dialer


Type the name, phone number, or extension you want to call in the dialer field. As you type, Cymbus will display suggestions for completing the entry. Tap a contact from the list to dial.

To redial, tap mceclip0.png Dial to bring up the last number you called and then tap mceclip0.png Dial again.

Using Contacts


In the Contacts tab, search for or locate a contact and tap on their name to open their contact details. Tap the number you want to dial, then choose Call or Video to complete the call.

If you choose Video, Cymbus starts sending your video when the other party accepts the call.

Using History



  1. Go to the History tab and locate the entry containing the contact you want to call.
    • ANDROID. Tap mceclip2.png Phone. Alternatively, long-press the entry containing the contact you want to call.
    • iOS. Tap the entry. Alternatively, tap mceclip3.png Info next to the entry, then tap the number you want to dial.
  2. Tap Call or Video to dial.

 Add Video to Voice Call

During an established call, swipe left on the screen or tap the mceclip0.png More menu and tap Start Video. On an iPad, tap the mceclip1.png Video icon at the top of the screen. Cymbus initializes the video. You’ll see the other party’s video after they add video on their end.

Call Screens

Each device looks slightly different. Expand these menus to see the differences.

Android Call Screens
iPhone Call Screens
Tablet Call Screens

 Letters to Numbers

Some phone numbers are given with words to help you remember them (1-800-NUMBERS). Rather than convert the letters to numbers, you can type letters into the dial pad and let Cymbus convert the letters to numbers when placing the call.

To turn this on, go to Settings > Preferences: Outgoing Call, and enable Turn Letters to Numbers.

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