Legacy Cymbus End of Life

The Legacy Cymbus app is being discontinued in favor of the new Cymbus app. If you haven't already, talk to your Service Provider to get it enabled for you. See Switch to the New UC App for details.

Cymbus allows you to share your online status (presence) with team members. When Cymbus is launched, your online status is Available.


  • To change your status, click the drop-down arrow and select Busy, Away, Not available for calls, Do not disturb, or Appear offline.
  • When you make or receive a call and your status was Available, Cymbus updates your status to On the phone.
  • If you do not use your device for a specified period of time (set in Preferences), Cymbus updates your status to Idle.
  • To set a custom status, click on the wording in the status indicator and type your status. Press Enter when you’re done.


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