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There's magic in hunt groups, especially for businesses with multiple lines that need call distribution. Instead of going into Lines to set up call forwarding in an over-complicated way, users can set up call distribution rules in a single interface.

A hunt group is a method for distributing incoming phone calls from a single telephone number to a group of several phone lines. Businesses use hunt groups to distribute calls over multiple lines, allowing an idle user in the group to answer the call if another line is busy.

You can manage existing hunt groups here. To set up a new one or modify a group's name or phone number, contact your service provider.

Manage a Hunt Group

When editing a hunt group, there are two tabs with different settings:

  • Hunt Configuration defines how calls will be handled once they reach the group. This was defined when the group was created and can be edited here.

  • Forward Code Management is where you set up star codes that forward the hunt group to another number.



Ring Strategy Switch Options

In the Hunt Configuration tab under Ring Strategy, you can see which option is currently enabled:

  • Line Hunt: Calls to the hunt group are following the line hunting configuration defined here.

  • Forward: Calls to the hunt group are being forwarded using the code selected below. To change which forward code is enabled, select a different code and click [Save].

These tabs act as a switch that allows you to choose which setting is currently enabled for the hunt group. For example, if you want to turn off forwarding and enable line hunting, select the Line Hunt tab then click [Save].


 Save your settings!

Once saved, the settings will be immediately applied to the hunt group.

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