Device Line Configuration

Individual lines on an IP phone can be assigned to a custom feature. Line 1 is the device owner’s main line and is always a Device Line type; it cannot be changed. All other lines are set to Deactivated by default, but another feature can be assigned from here, including Call Park, Device Line, Paging Group, Presence/BLF, Shared Line, and Speed Dial.


Assign a Feature

To assign a feature to a line on a user’s device:

  1. Go to either:
    • Account > Business Cloud > Users > Devices tab.
    • Account > Business Cloud > Devices
  2. Locate and expand the device you want to configure.
  3. Under Line Configuration, expand the line you want to assign a feature to.
    • Line 1 will always be assigned the Device Line It cannot be changed.
  4. Fill out any required fields and click [Save] when you’re done.
Call Park

Parking spots can be assigned to a line on the device. This allows a user to take an active call and put the caller in a designated parking spot at the press of a button. The call can then be picked up on any phone that has the parking spot set up in their line configuration by picking up the phone and pressing the line key assigned to the Call Park feature.

To add parking spots to the account, please contact Customer Support.

  • Type: Call Park
  • Assignment: Choose a parking spot.
Cymbus Device Line - Call Park.png
Device Line

A Device Line functions as an additional line assigned to the owner of the device. It is a traditional line, able to place calls with the user’s outbound caller ID as well as receive or pick up calls sent to the user.

Line 1 is always set to Device Line; it cannot be changed. This is the primary line belonging to the device’s owner.


Cymbus Device Line - Line.png

 Fax Enabled

To enable fax on this line, expand the SIP Credentials menu and check the box. This should only be enabled if this line is primarily for receiving faxes as these settings will negatively affect voice quality.

Paging Group

Paging Groups are used to make one-way announcements to one or more devices.

To set up a Paging Group, please contact Customer Support.

  • Type: Paging Group
  • Assignment: Select a group from the list.
Cymbus Device Line - Paging.png

This feature will let you add other users to extra lines on your phone, so you’ll know when they are on a call, have a call coming in, or are free. Lines assigned to Presence/BLF will also enable speed dialing between users.

  • Type: Presence/BLF
  • Assignment: Select a user from the list
Cymbus Device Line - Presence.png


Shared Line

A shared line allows this user to receive and place calls as another user from their own phone.

Inbound calls ring on both devices and either user can answer it on their IP phone. Outbound calls from the shared line utilizes the outbound caller ID as the shared user. Dialing a star code (for forwarding calls, accessing voicemail, etc.) while on the shared line also affects the assigned user.

For users that have been assigned as a shared line on another device, that device will be listed in the user’s Devices tab under Referenced Devices.

  • Type: Shared Line
  • Assignment: Select a user
Cymbus Device Line - Shared.png

Example of a Shared Line

In the first image, when we edit Sarah Jane's device, we see that Line 3 is shared with Donna Noble.

Device Line Shared 1.png

In the second image, we see in Clara’s Devices tab that the Cisco 8851 belonging to Sarah Jane is shown in the Referenced Devices section.

Device Line Shared 2.png

Speed Dial

Speed Dial type allows you to configure quick one-touch dialing from your IP phone. Speed Dial can be configured to dial other users on your account, an outside phone number, or a star code for Pick Up Group star code.    

Assigning a Speed Dial

This will allow you to dial other users on your account at the touch of a button.

  • Type: Speed Dial
  • Assignment: Choose a user from the list
Cymbus Device Line - Speed Dial.png

Assigning a Custom Speed Dial

This will allow you to speed dial an outside line or a star code, like a Pick Up Group.

This will allow you to speed dial an outside line or a star code, like a Pick Up Group.

  • Type: Speed Dial
  • Assignment: Custom Speed Dial
  • Speed Dial: Enter a star code or a phone number or star code + phone number (*0018005551234). Up to 30 digits max.
  • Speed Dial Display Name: Enter a name for the group that will be displayed on your phone for the line.
Cymbus Device Line - Custom Speed Dial.png

 Contact Support

For device changes outside of the IP phone line features, please contact Customer Support.

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