Instant messages (IMs) can be sent to team members (Roster) from the Messaging tab, the Contacts tab, the Favorites tab, from a chat room or an active call. Cymbus will notify you when there is a new message or when you have been @mentioned in a chat room.

Instant Messaging Chat Rooms

New conversation


  1. Go to the Messaging ta and tap IM.
  2. Tap mceclip0.png Add (Android) or mceclip1.png Compose (iOS).
  3. Search for a contact and then tap their name.
  4. Compose your message and tap mceclip2.png Send.

Existing conversation

  1. Do one of the following:
    • In the Messages tab, scroll through your conversations or search for the person you want to send a message to, then tap on the conversation.
    • From the Contacts or Favorites tab, tap a Roster contact and then tap Message. On Android, you can also long-press a contact and select Send IM.
    • During an active call, tap mceclip3.png More > Send Instant Message.
  2. Compose your message, then tap mceclip2.png Send.

Send IM from a chat room

  1. In the Messaging tab, tap Rooms, then tap the chat room.
  2. In the top right corner, tap mceclip4.png More > Members. On a tablet, tap mceclip5.png Members in the toolbar.
    • ANDROID. Next to the member you want to send a message to, tap the expand arrow and then tap Message.
    • iOS. Tap the member you want to send a message to, then tap Message.
  3. Compose your message and tap mceclip2.png Send.


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