Meetings on Legacy Cymbus Mobile

 Legacy Cymbus End of Life

The Legacy Cymbus app is being discontinued in favor of the new Cymbus app. If you haven't already, talk to your Service Provider to get it enabled for you. See Switch to the New UC App for details.

Available on Business Cloud Communications: Professional

Cymbus Meetings combine audio, HD video, screen sharing, messaging, and presence in one virtual meeting. Anyone can join your meeting using desktop and mobile devices.

Host a Meeting Join Host Controls Participant Controls

Start a Meeting

The host is responsible for inviting people to a meeting as well as starting a meeting. Make sure to use a desktop device if you want to share your screen.


  1. From the Phone tab, tap mceclip0.png Quick Menu > Start a Meeting.
  2. Tap mceclip2.png Participants then tap  mceclip3.png Add.
  3. Start typing the name of a person that you want to invite. Cymbus will make suggestions.
  4. Click on the participant’s name when it appears in the suggestions.
  5. When you’ve selected all participants, tap mceclip1.png or Done. Cymbus sends instant messages to the invitees with your meeting link.

Schedule a meeting

  1. From the Phone tab, tap mceclip0.png Quick Menu > Schedule a Meeting.
  2. Your primary calendar application will open. Add invitees and set a time. If set, the PIN will be included in the invite.
  3. When you’re done, tap mceclip1.png or Add to send the invitation.

Alternatively, tap Copy Meeting Link to Clipboard and send the link in the way you prefer.

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