Making Calls

 Legacy Cymbus End of Life

The Legacy Cymbus app is being discontinued in favor of the new Cymbus app. If you haven't already, talk to your Service Provider to get it enabled for you. See Switch to the New UC App for details.

Use Cymbus to place and receive audio and video calls, as well as host three-way calls. Cymbus has default actions for the call button and for double-clicking a contact. Update these defaults in Softphone > Preferences > Application

Using the Dialer

Type the name, phone number, or email of the person you want to call in the Enter name or number field. Press Enter or Tab to dial.

Auto Complete

As you type, Cymbus may display suggestions for completing the entry. Use your mouse or the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard to move through the list of suggestions.


More Menu

To make a video call or start a meeting, click the More menu arrow on the right after typing the person’s full name, phone number, or email.



To redial the last-dialed contact, click  Make a call.

To redial a recent contact, click the arrow in the Enter name or number field and select a contact.



Using Contacts, Favorites, History, or Messages

In the Contacts, Favorites, or History tabs, scroll through your contact lists or type a name, phone number, or email address in the search bar to find the contact you want to call.


Hover over the contact you want to call to reveal the click-to-call button and click  Call this contact.


Shortcut Menu

Right-click (Windows) or CTRL+click (Mac) on the contact you want to call, then click Call or Video Call.



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