Time Schedules

Do you close for the lunch hour or leave early on Fridays? Set up a Time Schedule. These will be used later to specify when individual Automatic and Intelligent Responses will be sent.



Links to Edit and Delete a schedule are on the right.

Add Time Schedule

  1. Go to Message Bot > Time Schedule.
  2. Click Add a new Time Schedule.
  3. Enter a unique name to identify this schedule.
  4. Click Add more time conditions.
  5. Choose the start/end days (every day, weekdays, or a specific day of the week) and start/end times. If the Start Day is set to “Every Day” or “Weekdays,” the End Day will be the same. If a schedule begins on a specific day of the week, you will also choose which day of the week the schedule will end.



Time Schedules can be set for a specific day of the week, but not for a specific date. So, wait to apply it to an Automatic Response until you’re ready!

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