Contact Management

Add a Contact

There are a few ways to add a new contact to Business Text Messaging:

New Message

When a message from a new contact is received, their phone number is automatically added to the default All Contacts list. Take the time to Icon_Pencil.png edit the contact’s name directly in the chat window, then add them to the appropriate contact list(s).



Contact Lists: Details View

In Contact Lists: Details View, click Add New Contact on the bottom left of the screen. The window to add a contact is the same as the window to update a contact. Enter the customer’s name and phone number, then click [Submit].


Contact Lists: Summary View

In Contact Lists: Summary View, locate the list the contact will be added to, then click Add Contact.



Update a Contact

In the All Contacts tab, search for a contact and click Edit Name on the right.

To update a customer’s name and phone number, go to Contact Lists > Details View and select the All Contacts list. Search for the contact and click Edit on the right.



Delete a Contact

To permanently delete a contact from the system, search for the contact in the All Contacts tab, then click Delete. When asked if you really want to delete this record, click [OK] to confirm.

To remove a contact from a list, go to the Contact Lists tab and click View Contacts or go directly to the Details View tab and open the contact list. Then locate the contact on the list and click Delete. The user is removed from the list but is still in the All Contacts list.

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