Manage Account Codes

Account codes are used to tag (associate) calls with a specific department, project, client, etc. If the "Validate account codes when dialed" setting is enabled, the dialed code is checked against the codes on the account. At least one code must be added to the account to enable this setting; otherwise, users won't be able to place outbound calls.

We recommend creating at least one account code, such as 0000, that can be used as a default option.

Add Account Code

  1. Go to Business Cloud > Account Codes.
  2. Click [+ Account Code] in the top right.
  3. Enter a name or brief description to remember what the code is assigned for.
  4. Enter the code that will be dialed.
  5. Click [Create].
  6. Repeat steps 2–5 for any additional codes.

New Account Code.png

Edit Account Code

Click the edit icon to update the name or description of an existing account code. To change the number, create a new one and then delete the old one.



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