Enable Account Codes for Account

The following steps are only required the very first time Account Codes is enabled on an account.

  1. Go to Business Cloud > Account Codes.
  2. Fill out the following fields:
    • Account code length: Specify the number of digits (3–7) that will be required for all codes on this account. This setting cannot be changed later, so choose a length that will meet the account's needs in the long term.
    • Max retries to validate code: Specify how many times (1–9) a user can enter an incorrect account code. The industry average is 3–5 attempts.
  3. Click [Save]. The page is refreshed, and Account Codes can now be configured on the account.

Next Steps

Account Codes can now be configured at the account level. However, before it can be enabled for users, you must add at least one account code and configure the default settings.

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