Account Codes

Account codes are used to tag (classify) calls for billing and reporting purposes. Admin users can create specific codes that users can dial to associate call activity to a department, project, client account, and more.

For example, if an agency needs to keep track of billable client calls, they can dial the code that corresponds to the client, and the code will be tagged in the Call History record. Later, the billing department can review the call records and bill each client appropriately.

How to Use Account Codes

When Account Codes is enabled, the user is prompted to dial an account code on every outbound call. The general flow for using an account code on inbound and outbound calls is outlined below. However, it will change depending on which settings are enabled and disabled. See the How to Use Account Codes article for details.

  • Outbound Calls: Dial a phone number. When prompted, enter an account code (for example, 123).
  • Inbound Calls: Answer an inbound call, then dial the star code + the account code (for example, *50123).

Account Setup

Account Codes is managed both at the account and user levels. Once it's enabled at the account level and the default settings are configured and saved, you can choose whether to enable Account Codes for all (current) users on the account. Then it can be enabled or disabled for individual users as needed.

  1. Enable Account Codes for the account.
  2. Add at least one code.
  3. Configure the default settings and enable Account Codes for users.
  4. Customize the settings for individual users as needed.

 Mid-Call Star Code

If you don' t know which star code is assigned to Account Codes, ask Customer Support. The mid-call star code allows users to tag inbound calls or outbound calls that don’t require an account code.


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