Dubber Insights

This article applies only to users who have Dubber Insights.

Dubber Insights — the latest and greatest Call Recording product — includes call transcription capabilities and sentiment analysis — a powerful AI tool that rates the overall tone of the call as either DubberPortal-Sentiment-Positive.png Positive, DubberPortal-Sentiment-Negative.png Negative, or DubberPortal-Sentiment-Neutral.png Neutral.

Users who have Dubber Insights enabled can utilize these enhanced features to quickly identify, capture, and analyze key moments in their own recordings. For Dubber Administrators, an Insights dashboard is also available, offering improved visibility over users or teams within the account. 

Access Call Transcription and Sentiment Analysis

  1. Log in to the Dubber Portal.
  2. On the Call Recording page, locate the recording from the list and click the DubberPortal-BookIcon.png Book or DubberPortal-Sentiment-Negative.png Sentiment icon.
  3. On the following page, recording data is organized into the following sections:
    • AI Sentiment. Displays an overall score or rating for the recording.
    • Tone. Displays tones that were detected on the call in the form of a graph.
    • Call Transcription. Displays the full text conversion of the audio recording.
  4. To search for a word or phrase within the recording, press ctrl + F on your keyboard, then enter the term you are searching for. Once located, click the text within the transcription to navigate to that point in the call.
  5. When you're finished, click [Back to all recordings] in the upper-left corner to return to your recordings.

Insights Dashboard (Dubber Administrators)

Dubber Administrators with Dubber Insights enabled can access the Insights Dashboard — a powerful conversation analysis tool that breaks down recording data into separate views based on whether moments of abuse, complaints, or sales engagement were detected. Use Insights to your advantage by making data-driven decisions.


For more information, refer to Viewing and Navigating Dubber Insights in the Dubber Support Center.

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