Dubber Administrators

This article applies only to Dubber Administrator users with Dubber partner products.

Dubber Administrators, like Standard Users, can perform all the same basic functions to manage recordings in Dubber, but they also have the power to search for and manage the recordings of other account users. If you don't know who your Dubber Administrators are or want to become one, please contact Customer Support for assistance.

While Dubber Administrators also have the ability modify specific account settings in Dubber, we don't recommend performing any action outside of what is listed below.

Search for Recordings

After logging in to the Dubber Portal, Dubber Administrators are directed to the Call Recording page which contains the recordings of all users in the account. Recordings are organized newest to oldest.

Search by user

To search for recordings from a specific user, enter the user's name in the search bar located in the top-right corner of the page or click the DubberPortal-FilterBar-RestricttoDubPoint.png Restrict to dub.point tab from the filter bar and select the user from the menu.


Search by team

To search for recordings by team, click DubberPortal-AllDropdown.png All  to the left of the filter bar and select a team from the menu. Teams are listed below My Recordings.


For more information, refer to Search Your Recordings in the Dubber Support Center.

Delete a Recording

Dubber automatically deletes recordings from the platform based on the retention period defined by your call recording product. Although not typically recommended, Dubber Administrators have the ability to permanently delete recordings via the Dubber Portal. Once a recording is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

  1. To delete a recording, hover over the recording and click DubberPortal-DeleteIcon.pngDelete.
  2. A confirmation modal appears, asking if you want to delete the recording. Click [Confirm Delete] to remove the recording from the account.

User Management

Because data updated in Dubber is not synced with your voice services, it's important that you do NOT add, edit, or delete users in the Dubber Portal. Nearly all user management functions should be performed in your voice services account instead. 

However, if a user forgets their Dubber password and is unable to reset it on their own, you can reset it for them via the People tab in the account settings.


For more information, refer to Reset User Password in the Dubber Support Center.

Create or Manage a Team

In Dubber, you can organize existing users into groups, otherwise known as Teams. Teams are an effective way to manage how users can access call recordings. Teams are composed of Contributors — users who can contribute their own recordings, and Listeners — users who can listen to the recordings of other team members.


For more information, refer to Teams in the Dubber Support Center.

Bulk Actions

Although Standard Users can tag multiple recordings at a time, Dubber Administrators can also DubberPortal-BulkAction-DownloadIcon.pngDownload, apply a DubberPortal-BulkAction-LegalHoldIcon.pngLegal Hold, or even DubberPortal-BulkAction-DeleteIcon.pngDelete recordings in bulk.

To complete a bulk action, select the applicable recordings from the Call Recording page, then choose an option from the [Recordings] menu.


For more information, refer to Multi Download and Multi Delete in the Dubber Support Center.

 See also: Manage Call Recordings and Dubber Insights

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