Call Recording User Types & Tutorials

Call Recording has two primary user types: Standard Users and Dubber Administrators. All users who have BCC Call Recording are Standard Users, while users with Dubber Recording, Dubber Unified Recording, or Dubber Insights products can be either Standard Users or Dubber Administrators.

Standard Users Dubber Administrators

Standard Users

Standard Users can access the Dubber Portal to manage their own recordings. After Call Recording is enabled, they can listen to, tag, share, download, or favorite a recording as soon as it's available in Dubber. Additionally, Standard Users with Dubber Recording, Dubber Unified Recording, or Dubber Insights products can be assigned to a Team, allowing them to contribute to their team's recordings and listen to the recordings of other team members.

Video Tutorials

The videos below, provided by our call recording partner Dubber, include how-to instructions for Standard Users navigating the Dubber Portal.

Video Tutorial Description
How to log in to your account Setting up your password and logging in with your new password and email address.
How to manage your account profile Manage your own account from the Dubber web application to update your profile information.
How to change your language settings Changing your language settings from the login page.
How to change your password Change your password from your profile page.
How to organize and search your recordings Keep your recordings organized and quickly find recordings by tagging and searching your recordings.
How to filter recordings Managing your recordings and finding specific calls with a series of filter options.
How to interact with recordings View all the recordings you have access to by searching for recorded content by quickly filtering the recordings.
How to tag recordings

Tag recordings to make them easier to find.

How to star favorite recordings Highlight important calls by using the star function, making it easy to filter and quickly to retrieve calls.
How to search for recordings Search for calls to find any criteria used in the metadata, including advanced searches to further narrow your search query.
How to manage recordings Icons that show you additional metadata recording information, share and tag recordings, download and delete recordings.
How to securely share recordings Securely share a recording that doesn’t require users to download a file.
How to download recordings Download your recordings to your computer.

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