Record a Meeting (Desktop)

Hosts can record their meetings using the desktop app. Meetings cannot be recorded via the mobile app, PTSN, or a browser. Recordings are stored in MP4 format and can be downloaded by the host within 21 days.

What's Recorded?

The meeting recording captures audio, participant videos, screen share, and whiteboard. It does not include the chat messages or a list of participants. Additionally, the video does not show the participant's name, meeting reactions, or an indication of the current speaker (no highlighted tile, for example).

Start Recording

Any meeting, including scheduled and Meet Now ad-hoc, can be recorded as long as the host uses the desktop app.

To start recording, click the Record icon in the meeting toolbar. Participants will hear a voice prompt saying the recording is in progress and see the Recording icon in the meeting toolbar.


  • How do I pause a recording?
    A meeting recording cannot be paused, but the host can start and stop recording as needed. Separate files will be made available in the Recordings list.
  • Can I leave early but continue recording the rest of the meeting?
    Yes. If the host starts recording and leaves the meeting early, the recording continues until the meeting ends and/or everyone leaves. No one else can stop a recording.
  • How do I delete a recording?
    You cannot delete a recording, but no one else but you (the host) can access it. The recording will be automatically deleted from the app after the expiry.

Download Recordings

After a recording is stopped, the host can download it to their computer using the desktop app. Recordings expire in 21 days and are automatically deleted from the app. No reminder is sent when the recording is about to expire, so make sure to download your recordings after each meeting.

  1. You'll receive a notification and see a badge on the Recordings list of the Meetings tab when a recording is ready.
    Recordings list.png
  2. Go to the Recordings list and select a meeting to download. Use the Search field to filter the list by meeting titles. Enter at least five (5) characters to start a search.
  3. Click Download Video. The file is downloaded to your default browser's Downloads folder.
  4. Use your media player to watch the recording, or save the file in a shared repository for others to watch.


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