Cymbus App Notifications

The Cymbus app notifies you of items that require your attention, such as:

  • Calls: Incoming calls, missed calls, unread voicemails.
  • Messages: New direct messages, new channel messages, mentions.
    Tip: You can customize each channel for tailored alerts
  • Meetings: New meetings, meeting changes and cancellations, and reminders such as starting soon.

For such occasions, the Cymbus app plays a ringtone, vibrates your mobile phone, and displays a notification toast and a badge. If you are logged in to Cymbus from multiple devices, all devices notify you of the same event. The Cymbus app follows your operating system's (OS) notification settings. You can customize how you want to be notified by changing OS settings on each device. For example, you can turn off all notifications on a mobile phone if you mainly use a desktop computer for all communications. Every OS is different, but it's usually under Settings > Notifications.

Channel Notifications

If you have joined many channels, receiving a notification for every new message may be overwhelming. For each channel you are part of, you can customize what messages you want to be alerted for. Your channel preferences will be synced across all of your Cymbus devices.

For each channel, set the app to send notifications for:

  • All Messages in a channel. This is the default.
  • Only @mentions. You'll receive a notification only when someone tags you in the channel or tags @channel to get everyone's attention.
  • Off. No notifications at all for this channel, even when someone tags you.

Regardless of this preference, the channel name appears in bold to indicate it has unread messages, and displays a notification badge to indicate the channel has mentions for you.


To change notification preferences for a channel:

  1. Go to the Messages tab.

  2. On the desktop app, hover over the channel to reveal More and select Channel Details.

    On the mobile app, open the channel and tap the channel name in the header.

  3. Go to the Settings tab, and select Channel Notifications.

  4. Select which messages you want to receive notifications for: All Messages, Only @mentions, or Off. per-channel-notification-pref.png


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