Manage a User's Settings

The user's Settings tab provides some quick information about the selected user. In this tab, you can reset the user's Voice Portal access and login information, grant Admin privileges (end user role), and manage their calling plans. 

See also: Reassign End User Accounts.

User Info Plan/Type Call Recording Calling Plans Account Codes

User Information

Cymbus User Settings.png

Field Description


The first and last name of the user.


The language, English or French, heard in the telephone user interface (TUI) audio prompts for star codes and the IVR.

This is separate from the Language setting on the Voicemail tab, which applies specifically to that voicemail box.


A valid email address is required for every user who has access to the Voice Portal. This is where their Welcome and Forgot Password emails are sent.


Enter a unique username which can be used to log in to the portal.

Time zone

The time zone displayed on the user's device and call records.

User tags

User tags is an optional mechanism to organize and search for users by one or more custom identifiers, such as department, location, or anything else. If it would be useful to search for this user by a particular term, enter it here.

Manage a User's Devices Manage a User's Voicemail
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