Manage a User's Devices

All devices assigned to the user are listed in the Device Lines section. If the user has a shared line on another user’s device, it will be listed under Referenced Devices.

Cymbus Devices.png

Devices can be managed at the user level (here) or from the main Devices section in the left navigation menu. In either location, find the device and click Edit on the right to manage its settings:

  1. Device Info: View the MAC Address, Device Type, and Configuration Status. There you can also Swap the device for a new one or upload a Bulk Configuration file.
  2. Line Configuration: On an IP phone, you can assign features to lines, including Call Park, Device Line, Paging Group, Presence/BLF, Shared Line, and Speed Dial.
  3. Sidecar: Configure a sidecar (key expansion module) on the device.

See Device Management for detailed information about these features and settings.


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