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While many settings can be configured at the account level, sometimes it's best to customize call screening and handling for specific users. This is where the Calls tab comes in.

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Call Details

Call Details contains important call information such as the phone number and extension assigned to the user, which phone number and name displays as their caller ID, and if caller ID is enabled for outbound calls.

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Field Description

Phone number

The phone number routed to this user to contact them directly, if any. If a number has not yet been assigned, see Phone Number Management for more information.


The dialable extension the user can be reached at on the account. This field is required.

Caller ID

The phone number and name sent with outbound calls from this user which is displayed on the phone of the person being called. Start typing to filter the list. Users can choose the main account number, their phone number, or choose None to not send out any caller ID at all. This field is required.

It is important to choose a number here, even if you choose to disable caller ID (below). If this field is set to None, outbound calls—even to 911—will be sent out as Anonymous, and the carrier may reject the call.

Enable Caller ID

This toggle determines if the caller ID name is or is not sent with outbound calls. This setting can also be managed in the user's Voice Portal or via star codes.

  • On: Caller ID will be sent on all outbound calls.
  • Off: Caller ID will be sent as BLOCKED. The phone number selected in the Caller ID field will still be sent with calls to 911.


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