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Paging groups are used to make one-way announcements to one or more devices — like the announcements you remember over the loudspeakers at school. All users assigned to a paging group can be contacted at once via their device's speaker by dialing the group's extension.  

How Paging Groups Work

  • Caller ID. The paging party must have their Caller ID enabled.
  • Devices. Only certified devices capable of receiving a page will receive a page.
    • If all devices are unregistered, offline, in DND, or unavailable, the paging party hears a busy tone.
    • If a device has multiple lines and any line is busy, the user will not receive a Standard page.
    • When swapping a device, you will see a warning if the new device does not support paging or have a valid Line 1 "Device Line" line type. 
  • Page Priority. The page priority determines which devices will receive the page.
    • If a user belongs to more than one paging group and receives a page from both paging groups, the last page will have priority over the other pages. 
    • All devices within an Emergency Paging Group will receive the page, regardless of status. While an Emergency Page is in progress, incoming calls will not interrupt the page and Call Waiting will be disabled for users of the group.
    • When paging a device that already has an active page elsewhere, the device will receive a busy tone or hang up. 
  • End Page. Users can end a page on their device by hanging up. This does not end the page for everyone else.

Edit a Paging Group

Go to Call Groups and select a Paging Group to view and edit its settings. When you’re done, click [Save].

Call Groups Paging.png

Paging Group.png

Field Description
Name Enter the name that will appear on devices assigned to this group.
Group Extension Enter the extension that will be dialed to page the group.
Page Priority Assign a priority to ensure proper handling of incoming pages as an attempt to not interrupt current calls unless deemed necessary by the paging party:
  • Standard: All devices except those that are on an active call or set to Do Not Disturb will receive the page. Only Priority and Emergency pages will override.
  • Priority: All devices except those on an active call will receive the page. It disregards DND status. Emergency pages will override.
  • Emergency: All devices, regardless of status, will receive the page. Calls in progress will be placed on hold while the page is active.
User & Device To add a user to the group, select their name and device. Repeat for all users who will be included in this group.
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