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A Pick Up Group allows incoming calls to be answered by any member in the assigned group by dialing a star code. The default star code for Pick Up Group is *40, but yours may be different. Check your user guide for the correct star codes for your service.

Edit a Pick Up Group

Select a group to edit the name and assigned users.

  1. Go to Business Cloud > Call Groups.
  2. Select a Pick Up Group to expand its settings.
  3. Update the name, if needed.
  4. To add a user to the list, select their name from the menu.
  5. Click [Save].

Call Groups Pick Up.png

Pick Up Group.png

Answer a Pick Up Group Call

When a user in the Pick Up Group hears a call ringing on another group member's phone, the user can answer the call on their own phone by dialing the Pick Up Group star code.

  1. When you hear a call, pick up your phone and dial the Pick Up Group star code to answer it.
    • If multiple calls are ringing, the longest ringing will be answered.
    • If a user belongs to multiple groups, when they dial the Pick Up Group star code, it will answer the longest ringing call in any of their groups.

Answer with Speed Dial

To answer a Pickup Group call on an IP phone with the press of a button, set a speed dial preset to the Pick-Up Group star code. Follow these steps for each phone in the group:

  1. Assign a new line on the device and choose or enter the following settings:
    • Type: Speed Dial
    • Assignment: Custom Speed Dial
    • Speed Dial: Enter your custom Pick Up Group star code.
    • Speed Dial Display Name: Enter a name for the Pick Up Group.
  2. Click [Save].
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