Call Recording

Call Recording is available only with Advanced and Professional feature plans.

The Call Recording section displays your call recording settings. If the feature is disabled (greyed out) and you wish to use it, contact your service provider to enable turn it on. Once enabled, you can dial star codes to start, pause, resume, or stop a recording mid-call, depending on your configuration.

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Recording Type

Recording Types determines the level of input required to initiate a call recording. There are two recording types available:

  • Automatic. All your inbound and outbound calls are recorded automatically.
  • On Demand. The user can choose to start or stop recording the call by dialing a star code.

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Displays the your call recording product, BCC Call Recording. In the future, other call recording products may be offered.

Optional Settings

For each call recording type, optional features can be enabled, including the ability to pause or resume a recording and automatically announce to the caller that the call is being recorded.

  • Allow user to pause recording. When checked, you can pause or resume the recording by dialing a star code. This feature can be used while gathering sensitive information from the caller, like a credit card.
    • This setting is only available for the Automatic recording type; On Demand includes this functionality by default.
  • Announce when call is being recorded. Announces “Your call is being recorded” to the caller whenever the Start or Resume star codes are dialed. If enabled for the Automatic recording type, the message will automatically play at the beginning of each call.
    • The message will play only once, even if the call is transferred or forwarded to another party.
    • While this setting is optional, it is strongly recommended if you might make calls to areas that require two-party consent.

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