Using the Cymbus app

Download the Cymbus app to your devices and log in with your email address and password.

You have access to the same information across all devices you use the app on. For example, if you send a message from your mobile phone, when you come back to your office, you can continue the conversation in the app on your desktop computer. Same for contacts: you can contact the same people regardless of the device you use the app on.

After logging into the app, you are ready to make and receive calls on the same extension number and/or phone number you have on BCC. The app follows the call handling behavior you have in place in the Voice Portal. If you have an IP phone as well as the Cymbus app on your devices, incoming calls to your number will ring to all your devices. If you answer or decline on one device, the other devices stop ringing.

Navigation Tabs

The navigation tabs are located at the bottom of the screen on a phone, and at the left of the screen on a desktop computer.

  • Contacts display company contacts as well as personal contacts you added to the app.

  • Messages allow you to exchange messages with your company contacts.

  • Dialpad can be used to dial BCC star codes. To open a dialpad on the desktop app, go to Calls > Dialpad in the top right corner.

  • Calls display the history of calls made on all your devices connected to the BCC service. Call history is read-only.

  •  Meetings let you host and join meetings with anyone.

  • Settings allow you to switch themes between light and dark, test your audio without making a call, and more. On the mobile app, tap your initials in the top left corner to access Settings.

A red dot on navigation tabs indicates there is a new item for you, such as a new message or voicemail.

Connect your Headsets

Connect your headsets to your computer or phone, then choose from within the app which headset and speaker to use for calls and meetings. By default, the app uses the system default.

On the desktop app, you can test headset and speaker without making an actual call. Select Cymbus > Settings in the top left corner.

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