Host or Schedule a Meeting

Host or Schedule a Meeting

To host a meeting, you must have the Professional feature plan.

You can invite anyone on the Company contact list as well as anyone with an email address. You can schedule one-time and recurring meetings, or start an ad-hoc meeting whenever needed.

Cymbus users can join a meeting anytime, even before the meeting is scheduled to start or without a host as long as they have an ID or a link for the meeting. Up to 250 participants can join a Cymbus meeting, but only 25 participants can send their video.

Schedule a Meeting

  1. Go to  Meetings and select Schedule.

  2. In the Invite people field, add participants by typing their names or email address.

  3. Configure meeting settings. If you choose to generate meeting ID automatically, you have options to enable passcode and a waiting room. If recurring, the meeting ID stays the same for the whole series.

    • Enable a waiting room so that the host approves each participant upon entry.

    • Enable passcode for participants to join. The passcode must be 6 digits (numbers only).

  4. Select Save. The scheduled meeting appears in the Upcoming list.

If people with email address didn't get a meeting invite, ask them to check their Spam folder. The sender is

Start a Scheduled Meeting

It is important that you as the host join a meeting because guests cannot join the meeting until the host arrives.

  1. When it's time for a meeting, go to the Upcoming list and select the meeting.

  2. Select Join Meeting.

  3. In the preview dialog, set meeting preferences such as mute, background blur, and camera.

See how to cancel or change a scheduled meeting, or export a scheduled meeting.

Ad-Hoc Meetings (Meet Now)

Start a meeting anytime using the Meet Now button. The Meet Now meetings always use your personal meeting ID. Participants can join your Meet Now meeting by clicking a link or entering your personal meeting ID in the Cymbus app. No login required for them.

  1. Send your personal meeting ID or a meeting link to the participants via messaging or email. You can find your personal meeting ID on the  Meetings tab. Or use Copy Link beside your personal meeting ID to copy your Meet Now meeting link to your clipboard.

  2. Select Meet Now on the  Meetings tab to start the meeting.

  3. In the preview dialog, set meeting preferences such as mute, background blur, and camera. You are now in the meeting.

Ad-hoc meetings do not appear in the Recent list after they ended.

Cancel or Change a Meeting

The host can cancel or change the details of a scheduled meeting. If the meeting is recurring, the host can choose just one occurrence or the whole series to apply changes.

  1. Go to  Meetings and select a meeting you want to cancel or change.

  2. On the desktop app, next to the meeting title, select More, and select the task you want. On the mobile app, More appears in the top right corner.

  3. Make the changes and select Save.

Invitees will see a notification of the change if they are Cymbus users. They can also refresh the Upcoming list to see the changes or cancellation.

The canceled meeting appears crossed out in the Upcoming list. To remove a canceled meeting from the Upcoming list, select Remove.

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