Use the Messages tab to exchange messages with the contacts on your Company list, either via Direct Messages or via Channels.


The Search field in Messages filters direct messages and channels as you type.

No searching content

The app does not search content of the messages; it only searches contact names and channel names.


  • Send. On the desktop app, pressing Enter sends the message. To start a new line within a message, press Shift + Enter. On the mobile app, tapping the Send icon sends the message. To start a new line within a message, tap the return key on the on-screen keyboard.

  • Copy. On the desktop app, you can copy part of a message or multiple messages. On the mobile app, you can only copy the whole message, one by one.

  • Delete or Edit. You can delete or edit a message within five minutes of sending. On the desktop app, hover over the message and select More > Delete or Edit. On the mobile app, long-press the message then select Delete or Edit. The recipient will see (Message deleted) or (edited).


All users are placed into the General channel. Anyone can create a channel both public and private. Anyone in your organization can join a public channel by searching. On the other hand, private channels are invite-only; private channels do not appear in search results unless you are already part of it. Once created, a channel cannot be converted from public to private, or vice versa.

Join a Public Channel

To search for and join a public channel, use the Search field and scroll down the list. Another way is to select New in the top right corner and start typing in the To field.

You can view some of the most recent messages in a channel before joining. Once you join, you will receive notifications on new messages and will be able to post a message in the channel.

Join a Private Channel

You automatically join a private channel when someone invited you to it. Your Cymbus app shows the private channel with a red badge.

Mute a Channel

Muting a channel takes effect on all your devices you use the app on. After muting, notifications stop, but the red dot silently appears on the Messages tab and the channel name appears in bold to indicate there are unread messages.

  1. On the desktop app, hover over the channel to reveal More and select Channel Details.

    On the mobile app, open the channel and tap the channel name in the header.

  2. Go to the Settings tab, and enable Mute channel to stop all notifications for this channel.

To un-mute a channel and receive notifications again, perform the same steps but disable Mute channel.

Add People to a Channel

To add people to a channel, open the Channel Details page as described above and select the Members tab. Type in names and select Add.

If you are adding a member to a private channel, new members will be able to view previous messages.

Create a Channel

When you create a new channel, you are the channel owner. Only the channel owner can change its name and description.

  1. In Messages, select the + button next to Channels.

  2. Type a channel name, and add people by typing their names.

  3. Click the toggle for Set to private if you want to make the channel private.

  4. Select Create.

Delete or Archive a Channel

Once a channel is created, no one can delete or archive it; however, any and all members can leave a channel. The channel description can be edited by the owner to indicate it's no longer active.

To leave a channel so that it continues without you:

  • On the desktop app, hover over the channel to reveal More and select Leave Channel.

  • On the mobile app, open the channel and tap the channel name, and select Settings > Leave Channel.

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