Make sure you have a headset connected to your desktop computer or mobile phone.

Place a Call

You can place a voice call in multiple ways. 

Using the Dialpad

Select Icon-dialpad.pngDialpad on the left bar of the desktop app, or at the bottom of the mobile app.

  • To search contacts by name or number, use the keyboard to type a name or number. As you type, the app will display matching contacts. Select a contact from the list to dial.
  • To dial a number, click the 10-digit number keypads and then click Call.
  • To redial, click Call; it will bring up the most recent call you made on this device. Then click Call again.

Using Call History

  • Go to the Calls tab and select the entry to call the person. On the mobile app, tapping on the entry makes a call. To see details of the call, tap Info next to the entry.

Using Messages

  • Go to the Chat tab, select a person under Direct Messages, then select Call in the top right corner.

Using Contacts

  • In the Contacts tab, locate a contact and select Call or select the number you want to dial. To search for a contact, select the list, such as Company or Personal, before typing a name. The app searches the first and last names on the selected list.

Answer a Call

When you receive an incoming call, the app notifies you via ringtone, vibration (on mobile phones), and a call screen. The Cymbus app follows operating system's notification settings. See Cymbus App Notifications for more information.

When you answer or decline a call on one device, the other devices stop ringing. The declined call then follows your Busy call handling behavior set in the Voice Portal.

During an Active Call

Use the call screen to mute your voice, add a second call, place the call on hold, and more.

  • Mute your voice so the remote party doesn't hear you.

  • Use Dialpad to follow voice prompts such as "Press 0 to speak to an agent."

  • Audio or Speaker lets you change the speaker for the call. On the desktop app, microphone can also be changed.

  • Add lets you place a second call. The first call will be on hold until you end the second call or you merge them into a three-way call. To flip between the active calls, select Swap.

  • Hold places the call on hold. The remote party hears music if configured on your BCC service.

  • More > Transfer to performs a blind transfer.

Navigate Away from the Call Screen

You can navigate away from the call screen while on an active call.

On the desktop app, click the minimize button in the top right corner to collapse the call screen. To return to the call screen, bring the app to the foreground and click the green highlighted area.


On the mobile app, tap the green bar at the top of the device screen to return to the active call.

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