Emergency Calls (911) in the Cymbus App

The Cymbus app handles emergency calls differently depending on the operating system of your device.

Desktop (Windows and Mac)

Calls to 911 or other emergency services can be dialed from the Cymbus desktop app connected to your voice service. Upon logging in to the app, you will be asked to make sure that the emergency location registered in your Voice Portal is accurate.

  • To update your emergency location, click Update, then log in to the Voice Portal and update your emergency location.

  • If you don't need to make any changes, click to close the dialog.

If there is a power or internet outage, your desktop app may be unavailable to dial 911.

Mobile (iOS and Android)

The Cymbus mobile app does not call 911 or other emergency services; it redirects such calls to the native cellular dialer when possible. You must have a SIM or eSIM activated on their mobile phone in order to place an emergency call.

When you place an emergency call in the Cymbus mobile app, the native dialer opens with the emergency phone number populated, and waits for you to initiate the call. After the emergency call ends, the Call History in the Cymbus app shows that an emergency call was made from the mobile app, but the actual emergency call was placed using your cellular service.

Emergency Calls Warning

The Cymbus app on iOS and Android is not intended or designed for placing or supporting calls to emergency service or calls for the purpose of obtaining assistance, help, or aid in the event of an emergency. The Cymbus app on iOS and Android will redirect emergency calls to the native cellular dialer when possible on a basis of best reasonable commercial efforts. However, this functionality is also dependent on the operating system of the mobile device, which is outside of our control and is subject to change at any time.

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