Call Recording Star Codes

Call Recording is available only with Advanced and Professional feature plans.

Call Recording utilizes a set of four unique star codes to start, pause, resume, or stop a recording. If you don't know which star codes were assigned to these functions, contact Customer Support for assistance.

Star Code Functionality

Each star code is designed to perform a specific recording function. However, the star codes available to you depend on which recording type and optional features are configured. If you dial a star code that is not compatible with your configuration, the star code will not register or function.

  • Automatic. All your inbound and outbound calls are recorded automatically.
  • On Demand. You can start, pause, resume, or stop recording the call by dialing a star code.


Review the star codes in each tab below.

Automatic On Demand

Automatic Star Codes


The Automatic recording type begins recording as soon as the call connects and stops recording when the call disconnects, so the Start or Stop star codes are unnecessary.

  • If Allow user to pause recording is enabled, the Pause or Resume star codes can be dialed at any time.

  • If Announce when call is being recorded is enabled, the caller will hear "Your call is being recorded" at beginning of the call and again whenever the Resume star code is dialed.
Star Code Function

Pause Recording

Stops recording and keeps the recording file open. You will hear "Recording paused."

Resume Recording

Resumes recording on the open file. You will hear "Recording resumed."

If Announce when call is being recorded is enabled, the caller will hear "Your call is being recorded."

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