All-new Cymbus App

Introducing the all-new Cymbus app!

Supercharge your voice and video collaboration experience.

We completely redesigned and rebuilt the Cymbus Legacy app from the ground up to provide a next-gen user experience with voice, video, personal and team messaging, visual voicemail, enhanced meetings, and much more.

 Cymbus App User Guide


Superior Collaboration Tools

In today's fast-paced corporate world, teamwork is the key to success. We've included a number of new collaboration options into our new Cymbus app which allow users to collaborate effortlessly regardless of their location. From real-time whiteboarding sessions, file sharing, and screen sharing across desktop and mobile, our expanded collaboration capabilities enable you to effortlessly connect, share, and innovate, enabling a more productive and efficient work environment.


Get Access

The new Cymbus app is available for all Business Cloud Communication users with the Advanced or Professional packages, so talk with your Service Provider to get it enabled for you. 

 What about the existing apps?

Your Cymbus Legacy apps continue to work until you decide to switch completely. Legacy app information is available here


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