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In Business Cloud > Auto Attendant, users can see all of their Auto-Attendants, including the assigned phone number(s), last modified date, and status. Users can build and keep as many Auto-Attendants as they need, and an existing Auto-Attendant can be duplicated so it doesn't have to be rebuilt just to make a small change for a specific situation.


Field Description
[+ Add Auto-Attendant] Start creating a new auto-attendant. The builder will open in a new window so you can look back at the auto-attendant list if you need to reference it for anything.
Name The name of the auto-attendant. If a name wasn't saved, it will be named "untitled auto-attendant" by default.
Assigned Phone Number
The phone number directed to this auto-attendant. If this is blank, a phone number needs to be assigned before calls can be routed here.
Modified Date
The last date the auto-attendant was modified: month, day, year. time of day.
  • Incomplete. There are open routes that need to be closed before the auto-attendant can be launched.
  • Ready to Activate. All routes are closed and it's ready to be launched (activated).
  • Activated. The route has been launched and it can now be assigned to a phone number.
  • Live. A phone number is linked and the auto-attendant is live.


Hover over an auto-attendant to see the tools on the right. The tools available are different for each status. For example, an incomplete auto-attendant cannot be launched, and live auto-attendant cannot be deleted.

AA Tools.png

Field Description
Trash.png Delete Permanently delete this auto-attendant — this cannot be undone. Before deleting an Auto-Attendant, we recommend that you redirect the phone number first, so calls aren't inadvertently sent to an attendant that no longer exists.
Duplicate.png Duplicate Make a copy of an active auto-attendant so you can make changes to it without disrupting active call flows.
When the status is Ready to Activate, click the Launch.png Activate icon so the auto-attendant will be available as a destination in the Phone Number menu. Then go to Phone Numbers > Edit to assign a number to this auto-attendant.
Deactivate_2.png Deactivate

Deactivate the auto-attendant. Activated status will be downgraded to Ready to Activate. To deactivate a Live auto-attendant, unassign the phone number; the status will be downgraded to Activated, Assign TN. 

An auto-attendant can only be deactivated after the phone number has been unassigned.

Edit.png Edit
Make changes to an inactive auto-attendant in the builder. Changes are saved in real-time, active auto-attendant cannot be edited.
AA_View_Only_-_Icon.png View Only
Make changes to an auto-attendant. For auto-attendants that are Live or Activated, only Group routes can be edited; all other routes are view-only.


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