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Dial by Extension, or Extension Dialing, allows a caller to interrupt an auto-attendant's Menu Prompt by dialing their party's extension, which means callers don't need to wait for the menu to stop playing before they can make a selection.

This feature can be enabled in the Menu route by toggling on "Allow Extension Dialing." Additionally, if "Allow Barge-In" is enabled, callers will also be able to interrupt the intro prompt.


Once an extension is dialed, the call will be directed to that extension and will follow the call handling rules for that user.

Because an extension can start with the same number as a menu option (for example, 2001), there will be a 2-second delay after a number is dialed before the system will apply the selection. However, if the caller dials the maximum number of digits allowed for an extension on that account, the call will be sent immediately.

Invalid Selections

  • If the caller dials an invalid extension, they will hear "invalid extension", then the call will be disconnected.
  • If the caller dials more than one digit but less than an extension, they will hear the "Invalid Prompt" message and the menu will repeat.
  • Once the caller reaches the "Max Invalid Selections" limit, the call will be disconnected.

See Auto-Attendant Routes Guide for more information about the Menu Route.

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