Message Route

  Account > Business Cloud > Auto-Attendant

Using the Message route, the caller will hear a pre-recorded message. 

Message Name

First, enter a name for the message, then continue to upload the audio file.



To upload a message, click [+ Choose File] and select a WAV or MP3 file under 5 MB from your desktop. Please note, all WAV files must be in an 8-bit Mono U-Law file format.

Play, Delete, or Download Audio File

Once the file has been uploaded, the following options are available:

  • Play. Click AA-Menu-PlayButton.png to play the prompt in your browser or AA-Menu-StopButton.png to pause it.
  • Delete. If the auto-attendant has not been activated, the prompt can be deleted by clicking AA-Menu-DeleteButton.png.
  • Download. Click AA-Menu-DownloadButton.png to download the audio file to your computer.


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