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A Menu route directs the caller to a message and DTMF (Dual-tone Multi-Frequency, commonly referred to as touchtones) options for call routing based on the key dialed.

Menu Name

First, enter a name for the menu, then continue to upload your prompts.



Prompts are the recorded audio file that a caller will hear upon entering the menu. A WAV or MP3 file under 5 MB must be uploaded before the menu can be saved. Example: "Thank you for calling Acme Corp. Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support, or 3 for Billing."

To upload a prompt, click [+ Choose File] and select a WAV or MP3 file from your desktop. Please note, all WAV files must be in an 8-bit Mono U-Law file format.


Play, Delete, or Download Audio File

Once the file has been uploaded, the following options are available:

  • Play. Click AA-Menu-PlayButton.png to play the prompt in your browser or AA-Menu-StopButton.png to pause it.
  • Delete. If the auto-attendant has not been activated, the prompt can be deleted by clicking AA-Menu-DeleteButton.png.
  • Download. Click AA-Menu-DownloadButton.png to download the audio file to your computer.


Allow Barge-In

Toggle on to allow callers to interrupt the Intro prompt by dialing an option (DTMF input) before they hear it.

Allow Extension Dialing

Toggle on to allow callers to dial their party's extension while the menu options are still playing. After dialing, there is a two second delay before the call is routed.

If "Allow Barge-in" is also enabled, callers can interrupt the Intro prompt as well. Because an extension may start with the same number as a menu option, there is a two second delay after a number is dialed before the call is transferred. If the dialed extension is invalid, the caller will hear “invalid extension,” and the call will end.

Menu Options

Add DTMF (touchtone) options (0–9, *, #). Each option will need a name and a completed route.

  1. Click [+ Add Option].
  2. Select the DTMF option (0–9,*, or #).
  3. Enter a name for the menu option.
  4. Repeat steps 1–3 for other menu options.


Failure Routing


Field Description
Menu Timeout Enter the number of seconds delay before directing the call into the failure route. (1–999)
Max Invalid Selections Enter the number of invalid DTMF (touchtone) selections that will be allowed prior to directing the call into the failure route.
Invalid Prompt

Upload a WAV or MP3 file under 5 MB that the caller will hear after dialing an invalid DMTF option (required).

Example verbiage: "The number you entered was invalid. Please try again."

When you're done configuring the menu, click [Save]. The menu will be added to the auto-attendant builder canvas.


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