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The Schedule route allows users to set their phone system to direct incoming calls to different destinations depending on when they call in, such as business hours, lunch hours, holidays, after-hours, etc. The option to create a new schedule is available when adding a new auto-attendant or editing an existing one.

A schedule requires at least one rule, but you can add as many as you need. Calls will be routed to the first rule that matches the time of the incoming call, based on the priority order in which the rules are set. To change the order of your rules, click the AA_Move.png icon to the right of the rule and drag it to the correct position.

  1. Schedule Name. Enter a name for this schedule (20 character max).
  2. Time Zone. Select which time zone should be applied.
  3. Rule Name. Enter a name for this rule.
  4. Weekly/Custom. Choose a rule type: Weekly (recurring) or Custom (one-time).
      1. Day/Date. For a Weekly rule, select the days of the week that this rule applies to. For a Custom rule, choose the date (you can choose more than one date, but not a range.)
      2. Time. Enter the start and end times. You can type it in or click the clock icon on the right to use the drop-down menu (Chrome only).
        1. For a Weekly rule, you can split the rule into different times during the day. Click + Add Time Range, then enter the other time.
      3. Save. When you're done, click the checkmark in the top right.
      4. If needed, click [+ Add Rule] to add another rule to this schedule.
  5. When you're done adding rules to the schedule, click [Save].
Weekly Custom
AA-Schedule-Weekly.png AA-Schedule-Holidays.png

Delete a Rule

To delete a rule, click the Trash.png trash icon. The rule will be crossed out, but if you change your mind, it can still be Restore.png restored or Edit.png edited until the schedule is saved. Once you save the schedule, though, any deleted rules will be deleted permanently.



After you set up and save your schedule, the routes are added to the auto-attendant builder canvas. Click the Add.png Add icon to add another route to the route.

By default, an "All other times" route will be added to determine where calls are routed during times that aren't specified by a rule.


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