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Star codes are customized by your service provider. Please refer to your user guide for the list of star codes available on your service.

Call Pull is the ability to seamlessly move a live call from between your BCC devices by dialing a star code.

For example, imagine you take a call on your desk phone right as you're heading out for lunch. It's an important call that you don't want to disrupt, but you're really hungry. So instead of asking them to call back later, you can open the Cymbus UC app on your device, dial the Call Pull star code, and continue the conversation without skipping a beat.

It also works in the other direction. So, you could answer or place a call on the Cymbus UC app while on your way to work, then pull it to your desk phone once you get to the office. The caller won't hear the star code being dialed or even know the call was moved, and a call can be moved multiple times without any issues.

Call Pull works for any live (answered) call on any of your BCC devices — including the Cymbus UC app. As long as you only have one call on your lines, that call will be seamlessly transferred to the new device once the star code is dialed.

Star Code Instructions
Call Pull

Seamlessly move a live call from between BCC devices.

  1. While on an active call, pick up the device you want the call moved to and dial the Call Pull star code.
  2. The platform will pull the call to this device so you can continue your conversation.
    • If there isn't a call to pull, the user will hear a fast busy signal.
    • If the user has multiple calls across their devices, they will hear "You cannot use Call Pull when you have more than one active call."
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