Call Handling Schedules

Schedules provide custom routing for your callers based on when they call, down to the very minute. Schedule times follow your account's default time zone. Within the scheduler, the Call Handling options are: Ring Phone, Forward All, Sim Ring, and Find Me. The main Call Handling section will take effect outside of these scheduled hours.

To access this feature, sign in to the Voice Portal and scroll down to Call Handling. For Admin users, go to Users > Calls tab.

Create a Schedule

1. Within the Call Handling section, click [Create Schedule]. If there are already schedules on the account, the button is [Manage Schedules].


2. In the Scheduling window, click [+Add Schedule].


3. SCHEDULE NAME. Give the schedule a name.

4. TYPE. Choose whether this schedule is for specific dates (Custom) or recurring (Weekly).

  • On a Custom schedule, fill in the dates and times the schedule will be in effect. If not using a 24-hour time, include AM or PM. Click [+ Add a Day] to add another section.


  • On a Weekly, recurring schedule, enter the start and end times for the days of the week you want this call handling to be in effect.


5. CALL HANDLING. Choose the call handling action that will occur during the specified times.


6. Click [Confirm] and then [Save].


Custom Schedule Example

In the custom schedule example below, calls received between 5:00 AM and 5:00 PM on November 25, 2021, will be forwarded to 1-208-582-1676. Any call outside of that specific time will follow the call handling set up in the main Call Handling section.


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