Call Screening

Call Screening can help you block out unwanted calls from reaching you, and you can decide what happens to the calls you turn away. Are they hung up on automatically, or do they hear a message first? Do you forward them to another number, or do you send them to your voicemail?

The options for each category are Allow, Allow with Priority Ring, Block, Block with Message, Forward, and Voicemail.

To access this feature, sign in to the Voice Portal and scroll down to Call Screening. For Admin users, go to Users > Calls tab.


Call Screening Categories

Field Description
Screening Forward Number Enter the destination phone number that will be used when a call screening category below is set to Forward.
Anonymous Caller Choose what happens to incoming calls that don't send caller ID.
Toll-Free Caller Choose what happens to incoming calls from a toll-free number.
All Other Callers Choose what happens to all other incoming calls that are not otherwise defined by a custom screening rule.

Custom Caller(s)

Custom caller rules define the call handling action for inbound calls from specific phone numbers. The screened phone numbers and associated actions are listed here.

To add a custom rule, click [+ Add Caller], then enter the phone number and choose an action from the menu. To create a rule for a group of phone numbers (numbers with the same area code and/or prefix), enter the first few digits of the phone number instead.

If more than two custom caller rules exist, click ...and X more at the bottom to see them.


Call Screening Actions

For each category, choose a screening action (behavior) from the menu.

Field Description
Allow Allow the caller to ring through.
Allow with Priority Ring Allow the caller to ring through with a priority ringtone. Choose from 7 other ring patterns.
Block Block the caller from ringing through. Callers will hear a busy signal.
Block with Message Block the call with a message:
  • Custom Callers: "The number you have dialed is not accepting calls at this time."
  • Toll-Free Callers: "The number you have dialed is not accepting calls from toll-free numbers at this time."
  • Anonymous Callers: "The number you have dialed is not accepting calls from anonymous numbers."
Forward Forward the caller to a specific number. If you choose this option, you must enter the number those calls are forwarded to in the Screening Forward Number field.
Voicemail Send the caller directly to voicemail.

 Save your settings!

When you're done, click [Save] at the bottom of the page.

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