Device Management

This section allows you to see all the devices on the account without having to go to the specific user. All devices on the account are listed here. To locate a particular device, you can search for the owner’s name, or MAC address. The list can also be sorted by MAC Address or Device Type.

Cymbus Devices Edit.png

 Cymbus Devices

Only physical devices are listed in the Voice Portal. Users on Advanced or Professional plans are automatically assigned two Cymbus softphone devices that are not included here.

Edit a Device

To view and manage device settings:

  1. Go to either:
    • Account > Business Cloud > Users > Devices tab
    • Account > Business Cloud > Devices
  2. Locate the device you want to manage and click the Edit icon on the right.

Device Info

Here you can see the device’s MAC Address, Device Type (make and model), and Configuration Status.

Device Info.png Devices - Configuration Status.png
Feature Description
MAC Address A unique identifier for the device on your system.
Device Type The make and model of the device in use.
Configuration Status Indicates if the device is configured for Alianza and registering

on the voice server.

  • Yes. The device is online and available for use. Click [Details] for more information.
  • No. The device is not online. Make sure it is turned on and the MAC address is correct. If necessary, please contact Customer Support to update it.

Other Features

The additional features and settings displayed for each device depends on the device type, status, and other factors. For more information, see:

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