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An auto-attendant enables identification, segmentation, and routing of callers to the most appropriate agent within your team. It's a simple, effective, and completely customizable tool which will significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency within any company.

Our all-new auto-attendant has a simplified, beautified editor which lays out your routes into clear columns and rows so you can see exactly what you're building and how it all fits together. Auto-attendants are easy to build and modify. Changes are saved in real time, so users won't lose their edits even if they close the window. Incomplete auto-attendants will also be saved so they can be edited and completed later.

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Feature Description
Automatic Save Changes to an auto-attendant are saved in real-time, so you can start building now and come back to finish it later. Auto-attendants with open routes will have an "Incomplete" status.
Duplicate You cannot edit an active auto-attendant, but you can duplicate it and make changes to the copy. This feature makes it easier to create a new Auto-Attendant based on an existing one. A duplicated auto-attendant will be titled "copy of" by default, but the name can be changed in the editor.
Schedules Rules are more dynamic. For example, weekly rules support a time change, so instead of creating multiple rules to support your lunch hour, you can add that time into one rule. And custom rules allow you to add multiple dates, so instead of creating a new rule for each holiday, you can create one custom rule for and add all holiday dates to it.
Menu and Message are now separate routes so you can add a Message to a route without also adding a Menu option.
Call Queuing
A Group route can allow call queuing so multiple calls can ring to the user group at once.
Phone Numbers
Multiple phone numbers can be assigned to one auto-attendant.
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