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Call History holds the records of all calls made and received on the account. Calls are listed in chronological order with the most recent call at the top. Call data is organized into columns that show the date and time of the call, where the call originated (From), and where the call terminated (To).

At the top right of the page, the current record list can be emailed as a CSV file.

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 CDR Storage

The FCC requires that all carriers keep call detail records for a period of 18 months. While some states defer to the FCC, other states have retention rates that exceed the federal requirement. To be safe, we store all call records for a minimum of 3 years.

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Apply Call Filters

Apply call filters to locate specific call records. Once your parameters are set, the matching call records are displayed below.

  • Search: Enter a number in the Search phone numbers field to search for a specific phone number or extension. Results automatically populate after the first three digits are entered.
  • Date/Time: Modify the date and time ranges or delete them entirely to gather the data you need. By default, the last 30 days of call records are shown that occurred between 12:00 AM and 11:59 PM, based on the account's time zone settings.
  • Filters: Click [Filters] to filter the call records by Direction, Number, and/or Call Flags. These filters allow you to identify patterns in the calls, such as how many calls are being sent to voicemail, what calls are being missed, etc.
  • Reset: When you're finished with your search, click Button-ResetFilters.png Reset Filters to remove any parameters and display all calls.
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