Call History

Call History is a record of all calls made and received on the account. Calls are presented in chronological order with the most recent call at the top. At the top right of the table, the current record list can be downloaded as a CSV file.



Call records can be filtered by Date, Type, and/or Call Flags. These filters allow you to identify patterns in the calls, such as how many calls are being sent to voicemail, what calls are being missed, etc.

Click the filter buttons to set your criteria. If necessary, click [Reset Filter] to remove any parameters and display ALL calls again. Once your parameters are set, the matching call records are displayed below.

Call_History_Filter_Dates.png Call_History_Filter_Type.png Call_History_Filter_Flags.png



For more information about a call, hover over a record and click Details on the right.



Field Description

If necessary, you can block the inbound caller. Click [Block] to add the inbound caller to your blocked caller list (in Call Handling). To add the phone number to the account's blocked callers list, please contact your service provider.


Time and Length

Start time, connected date and time, end date and time, billed length, and actual length.


The total cost, whether it was included in the calling plan, and the rate per minute.


The originating number, location, and category (On or Off Network).


The terminating number, location, and category (On or Off Network).

Technical Details

View all the technical details of the call. This can be helpful to Customer Support when troubleshooting call issues

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