Swap Devices

Got a user upgrading (or downgrading) from one device to another? Switching out the devices on the Voice Portal is fast and easy. The new device must have the same (or more) number of lines that are configured on the original device.


If a sidecar is currently enabled, disable it before switching the device, then set it up again after the switch.

  1. Go to either:
    • Account > Business Cloud > Users > Devices tab
    • Account > Business Cloud > Devices
  2. Locate the device you want to manage and click Edit on the right to expand the Device Info.
  3. Click [Swap].
    Devices - Swap 1.png
  4. Enter the information for the new device in the fields provided.
    • Device Type. Select the new device type. If the device you’re trying to use isn’t listed here, please contact Support.
    • MAC Address. Enter the device’s MAC address.
    • Device Name. Optionally, enter a name for the device.
  5. Double-check the list of Affected Device Lines to make sure you won’t break anything. Once the switch is complete, you may need to set up these lines again.
  6. Click [Confirm] to complete the switch.

Devices - Swap.png

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