Sidecar Provisioning

Sidecars, also called Expansion Modules, can add additional functionality to an IP phone. To enable a sidecar, an IP Phone must first be added. Once an IP Phone has been added, the options for sidecar provisioning are visible under the Line Configuration section. 


  • SIDECAR TYPE. Select a sidecar type from the menu. This list will only display options that are compatible with the IP phone being managed.
  • NUMBER OF SIDECARS. Select the number of sidecars being added to the IP phone.

When you’re done, click [Save] and the sidecar lines will be displayed below. Select a line and assign it to a feature, the same way you do for a standard device.


Bulk Sidecar Setup

Use Bulk Sidecar Setup to automatically assign users (speed dial) to lines on the sidecar all at once. If there are more users than lines, some users may not be added.

There are three bulk sidecar setup options:

  • ALPHABETICALLY. Add all possible users in order by last name.
  • BY EXTENSION. Add all possible users in order by their extension number.
  • CUSTOM. Choose specific users as sidecar lines in a single operation.

Choose an option, then scroll down past the lines and click Save to implement it.



Any bulk setup operation will overwrite the current sidecar configuration—it cannot be undone!


Users are assigned to lines in reverse alphabetical order.


By Extension

Users are assigned to lines in order of the user’s extension number.



Use the arrows to move Unassigned Users to the Assigned Users list.



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