You can make a one-way announcement to all the phones on your account by using the paging service. All phones that are not in use will use the speakerphone to play the message. This allows you to send a message to the people in your company without disturbing the lobby or other sensitive areas.

Contact Customer Support to set up a paging group. Each group is assigned a Page Priority level:

  • Standard: All devices except those on a call and with Do Not Disturb enabled.
  • Priority: All devices except those on a call.
  • Emergency: All devices regardless of status.

Once created, the group can be assigned to your IP phone in the Voice Portal.

Assign Paging Group to Line

To add a Speed Dial line key to an IP phone, follow these steps for each device:

  1. Go to Business Cloud > User > Edit > Devices tab.
  2. Expand your device and then expand the line you want to add the paging group to.
  3. Enter the following settings:
    • Type: Paging Group
    • Assignment: Choose the paging group
  4. Click [Save].


Make an Announcement

  1. Press the line key assigned to the paging group or dial the group's extension.
  2. You are now connected to all users in the paging group. Make your announcement and then hang up.
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