Social & Public Services

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The following services provide quick access to special services based on your location, according to caller ID, without the need for an area code.

Code Description


Essential Community Services

Access to community information and referral services, such as essential needs, crisis, and disaster assistance. Visit for information about 211 services in your area.


Directory Assistance

Phone service used to look up a published telephone number and/or address listing.

511 (US)

Traveler Information

Local hotline for real-time information regarding traffic and road conditions. Not available in all states. See 511 Traffic Services for more information.

511 is a real-time transportation and traffic information hotline available for travelers and commuters. Each state owns and administrates their 511 services. Calls to 511 will be routed to the local Traffic Services number, based on the address in the calling phone number's customer service record (CSR).


Customer Service

Dials the phone number for Customer Service.


Telecommunications Relay Service

TRS uses operators to facilitate phone calls between people with hearing and speech disabilities and other individuals. A TRS call may be initiated by a person with or without a disability. Visit to learn more.

811 (US)

Utility Location Services

“Call Before You Dig” calls your local utility location services. Call a few days before beginning an excavation project to find out the location of underground utilities and reduce the risk of serious damage.

811 (CAN)

Canadian Health Services

Call to speak to a health care professional about medical advice, mental health, healthy eating, and more.


Emergency Services

E-911 services in the United States and Canada are provided. Calls to 911 will be sent to the nearest Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) based on the registered address. Both callback number and address are available to the PSAP on each call.


211 and 811 are routed to the local service number, as determined by the address in the calling phone number's customer service record.

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